Transition of the New Prague District Hagibor

The location of the new Prague district of Hagibor, often referred to as "Hagibor", is directly adjacent to Vinohradská třída. Crestyl sees great potential in this location. The Hagibor project offers a pleasant combination of housing, offices, shops and services in one place. Emphasis is placed on the comfort of residents and workers in the office buildings, especially in terms of public space. The entire concept is managed together with landscape architect Michal Desvigne, who aims to create a harmonious connection between the outdoor spaces and the needs of the users. Viktor Peska, Crestyl's commercial director, said:

"The greenery here plays a dual role: it both connects and separates office and residential spaces, blurring the distinction between sidewalks and lawns." Up to 2,000 trees are planned to be planted, which will not only enhance the aesthetics of the public space but also contribute to a better climate inside and outside the buildings."

Office concept with a focus on occupant health and sustainable construction

"In the first almost completed phase of the Hagibor office complex there are two buildings right next to Vinohradská Street. These two nine-storey and eleven-storey buildings offer potential tenants a total of 31,000 sqm of office space, 28,000 sqm for offices and 3,000 sqm is reserved for shops and services," said Marcela Kolářová, spokesperson for DELTA Group ČR.

On the ground floors, there are spaces for shops, cafes, restaurants, and various services. The upper floors provide high quality offices and, thanks to attractive terraces, also pleasant panoramic views of Prague.

Both buildings are on track to achieve LEED Platinum environmental certification. The project also includes the construction of a children's playground and connections to the city's existing bike paths. At the center of the new district will be a public plaza, which, due to its location, will be an ideal place to meet and host various community and social events.

Location Hagibor and DELTA Group CR

"After successful cooperation on the DOCK IN office building project in Prague's Libeň, we have joined a new project - the construction of the Hagibor district. In 2022, we completed the first two apartment buildings ALFA and BETA in this area. Now, our project management is involved in managing the construction of two more apartment buildings, which are named GAMMA and DELTA. Completion is scheduled for autumn this year," said Josef Prokeš.

Crestyl's projects are characterised by a combination of design, functionality and respect for public space. The concepts are designed with an emphasis on sustainability and respect for the surrounding environment

"We strive to be the best with our knowledge in project management and construction coordination to be a real partner in these construction projects that bring new and interesting urban locations to Prague." Said Kolářová from DELTA Group ČR in conclusion.

In the case of Hagibor, it is a reclamation on the site of a brownfield, after which it is obvious that the district will bring new added value to the citizens of Prague and overall comfort for local residents and workers. In the future, the residential buildings will be connected to the administrative ones by a square and a central pedestrian boulevard with shops and restaurants, which will lead directly from the Želivského metro station. The cost of the entire Hagibor project will exceed nine billion crowns.

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Source: DELTA Group