New Dornych in Brno moves closer to construction

Dornych will offer freely accessible public space surrounded by several smaller buildings. The lower floors of the new buildings will be reserved for shops and services, while the upper floors will offer 186 apartments, 26,000 sqm of office and 27,000 sqm of retail space. 5,000 sqm will be occupied by various restaurants and cafes, and Dornych will also offer a so-called food hall. The first announced large tenant is the EUC clinic, which will occupy one building adjacent to Dornych Street. Surgeries and related facilities will take an area of ​​over 6,000 sqm together with two pharmacies.

As part of the Dornych project, the current dilapidated huge building will be replaced by a partly roofed, freely accessible public space with a total area of ​​25,000 sqm, around which there will be six smaller buildings. The buildings will be seven to eight floors high. Parking is provided in underground garages. The total investment in the project is over CZK 7 billion (€275.46 million).

"The building permit is a milestone for us in the preparation of the entire project. Following its acquisition, we are now handling tenders for contractors. We would like to make significant progress with all preparations by the summer, at the same time, we do not want to close existing stores before the builders are ready to start work. The current timetable thus assumes that the existing building will be closed and demolished in the autumn of this year. The completion of the project is expected in approximately three years from the start of demolition," says Jaromír Krb, Director of Development at Crestyl.

Crestyl has been operating in the Central European real estate market for almost 30 years. Its current portfolio includes over five dozen projects in the Czech Republic and Poland, where it operates under the Spravia brand.

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Source: Crestyl, Property Forum