Penta completes the Masaryčka project designed by Zaha Hadid

"We have come a very long way. It took more than six years to publicly discuss all the comments on the construction and transformation of the surroundings of Masaryk Station. The construction itself took more than 2 years. Prague is getting a world-class building, both in terms of quality architecture, technical design, and sustainability," said Petr Palička, Director of Penta Real Estate for the Czech Republic.

The building has attracted public attention since the first designs from Zaha Hadid's pen. It was completely different from ordinary office buildings with its bold golden façade, organic architecture, as well as generous public spaces around the building. Masaryčka is built to the highest energy performance standard for buildings - LEED Platinum. This certification assesses the impact on the surrounding area, water and energy consumption, materials used, indoor environmental quality, and the user qualities required to work efficiently.

The entire building and its immediate surroundings have an extensive water retention system that will serve to irrigate a large amount of greenery on the roofs and terraces of both buildings, including the new tree planting in Na Florenci Street. The site already has the most greenery in the last 100 years. In order for the retention system to be fully constructed, a general reconstruction of Na Florenci Street was necessary, including the relocation of the networks to the new collector. The Masarycka building and its surroundings will also be complemented by a series of art installations.