Astrid Offices, Dělnická, Prague 7 - Holešovice

Praha 7Offer No. PF-ASTR

Astrid Offices is an exceptional chamber project in the heart of Holešovice. The combination of unique architecture and modern technologies creates not only a building, but a living space in which it is a pleasure to create, decide, plan, act ...
The office building consists of five above-ground and two underground floors. Large-area glazing with the use of external vertical slats and horizontal blinds on the facade of the building ensures very pleasant daylight. The main entrance with reception and spacious foyer with its atmosphere reflects the airiness and lightness of all rentable spaces.
Several coworking spots located not only in the interior of the building or the green atrium adjacent to the reception, but also on the common green roof terrace, serve to draw inspiration.
Holešovice is a district promised to cyclists, and we also support this gentle mode of transport. You will find not only a modern and spacious bike shed with fully equipped facilities for your maximum comfort, as well as your own dishwasher and comfortable bike racks.

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Praha 7


Barrier-Free Access | Partially Furnished | Openable Windows | Custom Layout Option | 24/7 Access | Reception | Elevator | Covered Parking

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