Ponávka A4, Škrobárenská, Brno

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We offer modern offices in Brno. The Ponávka project, building A4 is the last link in the transformation of the former 19th-century location into a premium multifunctional destination of the 21st century.

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1,143 sq. m.2+ 1114m2 terasaImmediately
2,114 sq. m.2+ terasa 913Immediately
894 sq. m.3+ terasa 403m2Immediately
894 sq. m.4Immediately
894 sq. m.5Immediately
894 sq. m.6Immediately
894 sq. m.7Immediately
1,603 sq. m.8Immediately
1,603 sq. m.9Immediately
1,350 sq. m.10Immediately
Total Area Available
894–12,283 sq. m.


  • Its completion is planned for the turn of 2023/2024 and will complete the revitalization of the Ponávka area, where a unique complex of residential, commercial and industrial buildings was created.
  • The project will offer 25,000 m2 of office space on its 13 floors, which will be complemented by small shops, showrooms and restaurants on the lower floors.
  • The project is designed in accordance with the highest sustainability requirements. It will offer smart solutions for working with rain and gray water and world-class technology.
  • There will be light systems, whose autonomous behavior reacting to sunlight and movement in the building significantly supports energy saving, as well as its own photovoltaic power plant or a unique ventilation and air exchange system, guaranteeing the highest possible comfort.
  • The building also complements the dynamic community environment of Ponávka aesthetically.

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