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The unique and monumental Koruna Palace on Wenceslas Square 1 in Prague 1 is a significant work of Czech modern architecture. The central dominant feature of the exterior of the Crown Palace is the tower-shaped top of the building, at the end of which an attribute in the shape of a crown describing the name of the palace was placed. At the same time, the tower is decorated with strictly symmetrically arranged triplets of material figures in flowing togas with hoods over their heads. It is an allegorical work by Stanislav Sucharda. It is the most beautiful legacy of the pure Art Nouveau style.
Thanks to its architectural values, the Koruna Palace has become a sought-after cultural monument.
It has three underground and seven above-ground floors. In the basement there is the largest music megastore in Central Europe, on the ground floor and mezzanine there are a number of branded shops. Restaurants and cafes also have their place here, the ones on the mezzanine with a beautiful view of the so-called Golden Cross. On the upper floors there are offices, Praguers and visitors to the city will find a number of services, including accommodation.

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