Roztyly Plaza is progressing to its final phase. The cladding is being completed, internal installations are underway, and adjustments to the surroundings are being made.

Construction of the seven-storey office building Roztyly Plaza reached its highest point in May, when the monolithic structure was completed. Relaxation zones and spaces for future planting of greenery are now being created within the rooftop residence terrace, which will be used by tenants for informal business meetings. For maximum comfort, the terrace will also be equipped with refreshment facilities, a barbecue area, as well as a separate toilet. The entire surrounding area is also being generously treated, with new pavement surfaces being laid and preparations being made for the installation of new bus shelters. A bulky storage tank and pipe retention system will also be installed to capture rainwater for subsequent use in irrigating the surrounding greenery.

"We are delighted to be building office projects that are not just focused on simply creating efficient workplaces, but also a pleasant user experience both inside and around the building. That is why we are counting on the development of amenities in the building and the cultivation of the entire surroundings, which we are turning into a pleasant place for relaxation and a healthy lifestyle, not only for the employees of the buildings, but for all users of the location," says Eduard Forejt, Director of Business Development at Passerinvest Group, a.s.

The Roztyly Plaza building, in addition to a pleasant working environment, offers underground parking for 330 vehicles, including preparation for charging stations for electromobility and 100 P+R parking spaces. Sports-oriented employees will certainly welcome the bicycle racks for cyclists, as Roztyly Plaza is located on the main Prague - right-bank cycle path connecting the whole of Prague.