Amadeus Real Estate has a valid planning permission for a new district in the centre of Pilsen

"I signed the zoning decision last week. They (Children of the Earth) can no longer appeal, but they can file a request for review with the Ministry of Regional Development or defend themselves in court, but neither would delay the preparation of the building."

said Miloslav Michalec, head of the regional development department. After 15 days from the posting on the official board, the verdict is considered to have been delivered and the company can take further steps towards the construction of a multifunctional centre called AMESIDE and apply for a building permit.

"We are positive that the Ameside project has reached the next stage of final planning permission. During the appeal process, the binding opinions regarding the project's environmental impact, traffic congestion and zoning have been reviewed repeatedly, even going as far as the Ministries of Health and Environment,"

said Václav Klán Jr., a member of the management board of Amadeus Real Estate. According to him, the Ameside project is an asset for the area, which is now in a dismal state. Together with the neighbouring former municipal spa, which was bought by the Pilsen Region last year and will be adapted next year, it will improve the central part of Pilsen and open the site to the public.

According to Klán, the nearly year-long delay caused by the appeal will extend construction deadlines by about a year.

"In the first half of 2024, we would like to apply for a building permit. Construction should start in 2025, with completion in 2028,"

he stated.

In its decision, the regional authority ordered the investor to respect noise limits and to prepare a noise study, to green several roofs, the company is also to specify a proposal for storm water management, and the authority also set conditions for cutting down trees.

The Ameside project will fundamentally transform an area of about three hectares facing the main train station, sandwiched by the lower part of American Avenue, Denis Embankment and Ukrainian Street. The developer will demolish the former Prior department store, which now houses Lidl and a children's playroom. In addition to 120 apartments and 100 shops, the project will provide over 21,000 sqm of new office space in Plzeň. A quarter of the space is to be used for sports, leisure and entertainment. Parking with 1,500 spaces will be underground. According to Klán, the investor is counting on photovoltaics wherever there are no green roofs and on suitable facades, maximum insulation, reuse of waste heat produced by tenants, rainwater for watering roofs and flushing. Heat and cooling will be supplied by Plzeňská teplárenská.

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Source: ČTK, Amadeus Real Estate