Uniq Tesla, V Háji, Prague 7 - Holešovice,

Praha 7Offer No. MN-UniqTesla

The UNIQ Tesla building was designed to highlight the purity of its original structural and functionalist roots. Its robust core has now been given a fresh façade, which creates a modern and truly inspiring working environment and offers a total of 11,100 m2.
The workspace has been designed to provide the greatest possible comfort for modern companies and their employees, in order to encourage and maximize their creativity.
Holešovice is located north of the center of Prague and is famous as the cradle of the Prague creative renaissance. A strong community was created here, thanks to which Holešovice radiates much more creative energy than from any other part of the city with a higher concentration of office buildings. This is accompanied by a benefit in the form of the best cafes and restaurants, which make Holešovice one of the most attractive districts for your business.
Current free units:
1st floor - 1 452m2
2nd floor - 1 463m2
3rd floor - 1 463m2
4th floor - 1 463m2
5th floor - 1 463m2
6th floor - 1 463m2
7th floor - 1 202m2 + 260m2 terrace

Price on Request


1,000 sq. m.Immediately
1,500 sq. m.Immediately
2,000 sq. m.Immediately
2,500 sq. m.Immediately
3,000 sq. m.Immediately
3,500 sq. m.Immediately
4,000 sq. m.Immediately
4,500 sq. m.Immediately
5,000 sq. m.Immediately
5,500 sq. m.Immediately
6,000 sq. m.Immediately
6,500 sq. m.Immediately
7,000 sq. m.Immediately
7,500 sq. m.Immediately
8,000 sq. m.Immediately
8,500 sq. m.Immediately
9,000 sq. m.Immediately
9,500 sq. m.Immediately

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Praha 7


Barrier-Free Access | Partially Furnished | Openable Windows | Custom Layout Option | 24/7 Access | Reception | Elevator | Covered Parking

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