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We offer to rent premises in a newly built multifunctional service center in Ostrava. The building is situated in an area bordered by Podkovářská, Na Náhonu and Hlučínská streets in Ostrava, the local part of Přívoz, 1 km from the motorway (EXIT 361) with direct visibility and entrances from the busy Hlučínská street. The city center is at a distance of 3 km along Sokolská Street.
The building will offer a sales center for floor materials, the possibility of additional stores, administration, spaces suitable for storage and several residential units.

We offer for rent administrative space with a total size of 420 m2 (1st floor 350 m2, 2nd floor 70 m2), which can be used not only as classic offices, but also offers the possibility of use as a showroom, contact point for clients and the like.

These administrative premises will be ready for their first tenants from January 2019 and will contribute to their comfort, among other things:
- heating and cooling provided by heat pumps with back-up electric direct heating elements
- the whole building is secured by an burglar alarm with a connection to the PCO
- hassle-free parking for cars and vans for employees and customers

Furthermore, the project includes the possibility of renting warehouse space with a total size of 405 m2 (22 x 18.4) (or 528 m2 (22 x 24)). A separate entrance leads to them from Na Náhonu Street. Clear height of the warehouse to the truss 8.0 meters. The entrance to the warehouse will be through two sectional doors measuring 3 x 4.1 meters (width x height) with an electric drive, one of which will be equipped with a door leaf. There will be no ramps at the warehouse.

For more information do not hesitate to contact us, cooperation with us is free. YOU NEVER PAY A COMMISSION.

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350 sq. m.Immediately
420 sq. m.Immediately

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Openable Windows | Custom Layout Option | 24/7 Access

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