Palmovka Open Park - Prague 8

PragueOffer No. SL - PALMOVKA

Unusual connection of two new administrative buildings with a cultural monument. Contemporary architecture connected with a traditional, revitalized industrial hall. With its cosmopolitan character, the Palmovka Open Park corresponds to the life of a modern city. All this in a perfectly accessible location in the dynamically developing area of Liben with excellent transport links to the city center.

The project builds on the already implemented Palmovka Park 1 and Palmovka Park 2 projects in the same location. The project will create 26,000 m2 of leasable areas. Generous and efficiently usable floor plans of individual floors provide tenants with an ideal opportunity to combine open space with classically closed office units.
Palmovka Open Park 3
3rd floor - 1548m2
4th floor - 876m2

Palmovka Open Park 4
1st floor - 625m2 (offices and business units)
2nd floor - 900m2 (offices and business units)
3rd floor - 1700m2
4th floor - 2200m2
5th floor - 1100m2

  • Rent

    €14.2 / sq. m. / month

    + CZK 75Service Fee
  • Parking

    €120 / spot / month


250 sq. m.Immediately
500 sq. m.Immediately
750 sq. m.Immediately
1,000 sq. m.Immediately
1,300 sq. m.Immediately
1,500 sq. m.Immediately
2,000 sq. m.Immediately
3,000 sq. m.Immediately
5,000 sq. m.Immediately
7,500 sq. m.Immediately
9,000 sq. m.Immediately

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Barrier-Free Access | Partially Furnished | Custom Layout Option | 24/7 Access | Reception | Elevator | Covered Parking

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