Mercury Palace, Revoluční, Prague 1- Old Town

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The Merkur Palace is a functionalist building on Revoluční třída, Old Town, Prague 1, on the southern bridgehead of Štefánik Bridge.
It was built in 1934–1936. The construction was made possible by the regulation of the Vltava river from the first half of the 1930s. It has eight floors, the main facade of the building is oriented to Revoluční street. The box block of the building with suspended risalits in the front of the house, wide rectangular windows and glazed lower floors draw attention to Fragener's pro-functional functionalist feeling. The block of the building does not float, it looks rather inaccessible, which is caused by the facade of the house, which consists of lining with stone slabs. The entrance edict with four marble pillars has a cold superiority, as required by functionalist artistic rules. The building elements of the house do not spoil with color. The conservative impression of the whole is enhanced by the color tuning of the building's exterior elements in gray tones with an anthracite accent, complementing the building materials used - glass, stone, metal, marble. Today, this building (included in the list of architecturally significant Prague buildings) serves as a residential and office complex.

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