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Praha 1Offer No. SL-SPORK

Šporkovský Palace will offer representative office space. It is a reconstruction and reconstruction of a listed complex of three buildings, one of which, the bank building, was designed by architect Josef Gočár. The building is simple to operate and comfortable at the same time, using progressive constructions and materials. After the reconstruction, it should correspond as faithfully as possible to the original design of the architect Josef Gočár. The partitions will disappear in places, which will reveal the spacious marble halls. The former bank hall seems to be the most suitable space for a restaurant or a large café, below it in the basement, where there were once bank safes, a music club, a jazz company, a dance school or a theater could be established. Other spaces will be used as offices, shops are planned on the ground floor.

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500 sq. m.Immediately
1,000 sq. m.Immediately
1,500 sq. m.Immediately
2,000 sq. m.Immediately
2,500 sq. m.Immediately

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Praha 1


Openable Windows | Custom Layout Option | 24/7 Access | Reception | Elevator | Covered Parking | Garage

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